18 Magic Eraser Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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Do you have grease splatters in the kitchen, dust covering your baseboards, marker streaks on your walls? More than likely we can all answer yes to at least one of these statements. So how do we combat the dirt and grime that fills our home?

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! 

With over 100 different uses, the Magic Eraser can tackle any type of dirt, stain, or grime!

So how does the magic work?

The Magic Eraser is made of melamine foam that can be used as an abrasive cleaner.It works because the abrasive foam acts as a SUPER fine sandpaper on stains. The Magic Eraser loosens dirt and grime and then traps the dirt inside the foam. Awesome, right?

So how can you use a Magic Eraser?

Check out what we found! Below are 18 Mind Blowing Ways to Use a Magic Eraser!

Remove Labels From Glass Bottles

Do you have a cute glass bottle you want to reuse? Or just want to get those pesky stickers off a new bottle you just bought? This magical sponge will remove glue residue on the glass and take a little bit of frustration out of your day! Kelly from A Side Of Sweet took the label off a Starbucks bottle. See how she did it here! 

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

 A Side Of Sweet

Remove Permanent Marker

Whether your kids went a little crazy with a permanent marker or you just need to erase a name from a wine glass, a Magic Eraser is the most effective way to remove permanent marker from plastic or glass.

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

TIp From The Krazy Coupon Lady

Remove Dirt From  Your Computer

Done with the keyboard? Let’s move on to the outside of your laptop. Every notice how dirty it is? Use a Magic Eraser to wipe the grime away! This tip is from One Good Thing by Jillee.

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

 One Good Thing by Jillee

Remove The Dirt From Your Windowsills

Windowsills are known to be filled with dirt and grime, but you’re probably ignoring them right? Quickly and easily clean your windowsills with a damp Magic Eraser like Censie at Building Our Story. With no elbow grease and just a little bit of work, they’ll be good as new!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

Building Our Story

Remove Red Stains From Plasticware

Remove red sauce stains from plasticware quickly and easily with a Magic Eraser! This tip will save you from so many ruined bowls and tubs. Tip from The Krazy Koupon Lady! Check her out! 

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Clean Your Baseboards

The Simple Moms have a great idea for cleaning your baseboards! If you want to get your baseboards looking brand new without a lot of effort and repel future dust, clean them with a Magic Eraser first and then rub with a dryer sheet!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

The Simple Moms

Clean Your Oven Window Like A Pro

Now that you’ve got your stovetop clean, let’s move on to the oven door. The inside of the oven glass can be the hardest thing to clean in your kitchen, so most of us ignore it. But it turns out, you can clean that disgusting oven door with a Magic Eraser! The Polished Habitat has a great tutorial on how to clean your oven door. Alternate between a wet and dry eraser and with a little bit of elbow grease your oven will be sparkling clean!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

Polished Habitat

Remove Grime From Your Keyboard

Are you using a keyboard right now that is full of dirt and grime? Yuck! The Mama’s Girls have a great tip! Use a Magic Eraser to wipe all the gunk away. Finish by removing the dust with an air duster and your keyboard will look brand new!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

The Mama’s Girls

Get Rid of Hard To Remove Food From The Microwave

It is such a chore to clean cooked on food from the side of the microwave. Make it a little easier by using a Magic Eraser! See how the Krazy Coupon Lady did it here! 

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Want more tips on how to clean your microwave? Check out our post 35 Brilliant House Cleaning Tips You Need To Know Right Now

Make Silver Utensils Shine Like New

Kelly from A Side Of Sweet also brought new life into her silver! Over time silver gets tarnished and loses its shine. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! Use a Magic Eraser to get your silver sparkling!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

A Side of Sweet

Clean Your Iron

Has your iron become dirty and grimy after years of use? Vanessa from Crafty Gemini shared this awesome hack to clean it with ease! First, slightly wet your Magic Eraser, then heat up the iron and run the soleplate over the eraser quickly. Bam!  You have a clean iron!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

Crafty Gemini

Remove Grease Stains From Your Dishes

The worst part about cooking with glass dishes is the grease stains that get left behind. No matter how long they soak, it seems like they just won’t come clean. But have you tried a Magic Eraser? They work miraculously on baked on grease stains! With a little time and elbow grease, you can remove even the worse stains from your baking ware. See how Rachel from Tasteful Space removed her baked on grease. 

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

Tasteful Space

Make Your Shoes Look Brand New

Eventually, the soles of our shoes become dirty and ugly. Clean them up with a damp magic eraser! They’ll be clean and ready for more use. This tip came from One Good Thing by Jillee.

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

One Good Thing by Jillee

Remove Hair and Buildup From Your Flat Iron

Did I mention Magic Erasers are great for cleaning grime and build up? (Maybe a few times, right?) But this tip from The Krazy Koupon Lady is one of my favorites! If you regularly use a flat iron, it is probably in need of a deep clean. Use a Magic Eraser to clean away all the gunk!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Clean Leather

Are there scuffs, pen marks or dirt on your favorite leather bag? Lollipuff has a great tutorial on how to remove them with a Magic Eraser. You can also use them to clean leather couches or luggage!


Make Fridge Handles Look Brand New

Do you neglect your fridge handles? Me too…They can get pretty disgusting pretty quickly. Jen from I Heart Organizing has a great tutorial on how to wipe away all that nasty grime and dirt with a Magic Eraser!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

I Heart Organizing

Remove Stains From Clothing

This hack blows my mind! Turns out you can remove stains from clothing with a Magic Eraser!  No need to wash that delicate top you don’t want to shrink or lose its color! Check out Jillee’s tutorial! 

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

 One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Glass Top Stove Sparkle Like New

Do you wish your stove top could look brand new again? Use a Magic Eraser, Totally Awesome Cleaning Spray and Weimans’ Glass Stove Top Cleaner. First start by spraying the stove top with Totally Awesome (from the Dollar Tree), then take a Magic Eraser and scrub away all the burn marks. Wipe to stove dry, then use Weimans Glass Stove Top Cleaner. It will leave your stove top spotless!

Mind Blowing Ways To Clean With Magic Erasers

Source Unknown


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  1. Freddy says

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  2. AMY says

    I removed black marks from an unfinished hardwood floor and it left white streaks, it only showed up a few days later, so even testing a small spot didn’t help because i didn’t know what it would look like until it wad too late.

    • Lindsay Lawless says


      I am so sorry this happened. Magic Erasers are made of melamine foam which is basically a really fine sandpaper. Your white streaks are probably particles left behind from the magic eraser since your floor was unfinished. If your floor is still unfinished maybe try to release the particles with a scrub brush and vacuum away what you can release from the floor? I cannot say for sure this will work, just an educated guess but I hope it helps!

  3. Nika says

    Thanks for the extra tips! I am always using them for everything. I’m a stay at home mom so I end up finding different ways to use them. They will remove crayon from the walls but be careful using it bc if you have crappy paint on your walls it will rub the paint off. But it also cleans the cupboards. It also takes off permanent marker on the plastic dresser things. They clean most things in your bathroom as well. I keep one in there. They are a must have!

  4. Rena Hale says

    I cut them into 1 inch squares and keep in a baggie in my purse. Never know when you are gonna spill while out and about. They work amazing on spills on fabric and ink from pens.

  5. Cece says

    I keep an eraser in my SUV and use it to clean the inside of my windshield when it looks fogged up. It works wonderfully. No need to wet it.

  6. Kathy says

    Cleans clumping plastic playing cards too … Swipe both sides lightly with a dry magic eraser, followed by a microfiber cloth

  7. Jessy says

    I discovered magic erasers clean grout perfectly! It’s a bit tedious but it’s the only thing I’ve found that gets the grout on my tile bathroom floor white again.

  8. Shelby says

    It will also remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes. I don’t recommend using it on wood floors and if you are using it to clean your baseboards (works like a charm) put a towel down to catch any drips. Once the white residue gets on the wood floors it’s a bit of a pain to get it completely gone. And yes, when using on certain items, especially walls, be careful not to rub to hard or to vigorously bc it does act like a very fine sandpaper and can wear the paint away ? but honestly, I’ll Take a little spot of missing paint over all of the other stubborn messes that it magically removes! I’m a HUGE advocate of these things! And don’t get me started on how well it cleans doors! Such a breeze! Love! Thanks for combining all of these great ideas so that I can quickly share with my friends and family while I’m “selling” them on magic erasers! ??

  9. Rae says

    Magic erasers work absolute wonders on tire marks in your driveway. Our HOA said to clean the driveway, so after using many different cleaners, I handed my hubby a magic eraser and said try this. It was great to see the look on his face as the tire marks were erased. Like magic our drive way was completely clean.

  10. David Skolsky says

    Any ideas/suggestions on how to clean and remove hard water mineral deposits from expensive glassware?
    I’ve tried many suggested remedies and none seem to do the job!

    • Lindsay Lawless says

      Hi David,

      Unfortunately, that is not something that I have ever had to work with. Have you tried a mixture of vinegar and dawn? That seems to clean almost anything! Maybe worth a try?

    • Penny says

      a little citric acid dissolved in water works wonders on hard water. I’ve not tried it on expensive glassware, but it works on my cheap glasses 🙂

    • Missy Smith says

      Hi David, this sounds crazy, but use Oven cleaner 1st…then clean that off with a Dawn/vinegar mixture. Amazing!

  11. Claire says

    Hi, thanks for all the top tips! I have one more… I’m a teacher and always struggled to get my whiteboard really clean without using chemical cleaner solution until the day our school cleaner produced a magic eraser and suggested I try it on my whiteboard. Hey presto! It works so well each classroom has replaced regular board rubbers with magic erasers. The results are awesome, no more dangerous fumes in the classrooms and each eraser has a long life. I highly recommend the switch!

  12. Elena says

    Also works to take off the colored layer of a stainless steel cup. Mine was starting to peel and flake off and was getting on other dishes and clothes. I was about to toss it in the trash when something made me think to try a magic eraser. After about 5 minutes, it’s now just a plain silver stainless steel coffee mug, good as new!!

  13. Jerry says

    So… I LOVE magic erasers and use them all the time. However it is important to remember it is an abrasive. I’ve tried using it to remove scuffs off the walls. I will remove the scuff and the paint. Just make sure the surface you are cleaning can handle the abrasiveness. (is that a word?)

  14. Teresa Kalb says

    Did you know that you can buy melamine foam from Wish.
    Com. They are very cheap and work just like the Magic Earsers
    I got 40 foams for just a few dollars
    Just an FYI

  15. Susan says

    I tried everything to clean the under side of my trailer awning. Then thought to try magic eraser. An easy swipe with the eraser and it looked brand new. Now any suggestions to attach to a long pole??

  16. Bethany Otto says

    I already use my ME for most of these purposes, but I have two comments: first, it is NOT safe to use on vintage silver that you care about, as it is, after all, an abrasive. I would never use it on my heirloom flatware I got from my grandmother. Second, I love how the ME takes off permanent marker so I once used to to try to get Sharpie off my daughter’s skin–not a good idea. Trust me.

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