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11 Cleaning Hacks for the Home

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We absolutely love bringing you some of the best cleaning hacks for the home on Organization Obsessed, but since we know you can’t get enough in this post we share 17 cleaning hacks for the home. These hacks are bound to help you simplify your life and get the most out of cleaning your home. From how to deep clean your bathroom without actually deep cleaning it, to keeping odors at bay throughout the house we have some fab tips for you. Check it out and let us know what your cleaning hacks are in the comments section. 

A Shortcut to Clean Blinds

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, I bet you have at least one window with blinds. Efficient as they may be, blinds are an absolute pain to keep clean. They collect dust easily, and are tedious to clean. That’s why using this shortcut is a must! Grab yourself a window blind duster and clean your blind in minutes! This is absolutely the best way to clean window blinds because it only takes a few minutes and could not be easier. Once you’re done, just toss the duster in the washer and have it ready to use the next time you need to clean your blinds. 

Keep Faucets Shiny

Keeping your faucets shiny is a nightmare, isn’t it? I’ve tried so many different products that are meant to have the shine last, but guess what? It doesn’t! This simple tip by The Creek Line House promises to have your faucet shine lasting for days! All it takes is a sheet of wax paper. Yes, wax paper. Take it after you’ve cleaned up and dried your sink and handles and the shine is said to last for days. It’s a simple hack worth trying out. 

keep tabs and faucets shiny with this tip

Tip & Image Credit: The Creek Line House

DIY Shower and Tub Cleaner

Speaking of the bathroom, keeping the sink clean isn’t the only tedious task. Even more time consuming is getting the tub and shower to stay clean. It’s quite literally, back breaking work! However, it doesn’t have to be! By keeping this easy homemade shower and tub cleaner in your bathroom you can scrub down the shower each time you use it. All you need to make this cleaning wand is a dish wand which you’ll fill halfway with dish soap and then top up with vinegar. Simple, efficient, and easy!

Get the full recipe here! 

Organization Obsessed

Laundry Sponges

Another DIY cleaning hack for you. Not only does this one make life simpler but it can also help you save a pretty penny! Use these laundry sponges in the drier to replace having to buy drier sheets. The author of this hack brings you prefers the soothing scent of lavender, but you can choose the scent that best suits your preference. 

laundry sponges drier sheet replacement

Tip & Image Credit: Smart School House

Swiffer Cloths from Socks

We have another money saving cleaning hack by way of these fuzzy socks turned Swiffer cloths. Take some fuzzy socks from anywhere really, they can be new or old. Wrap them around the Swiffer and voila! 

DIY Swiffer cloths with chenille socks

Tip & Image Credit: An English Accent

Sparking Glass Stovetop

Do you have a glass stovetop? If so, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be to clean. It’s a bit stressful to make sure that you get it clean enough but all without scratching the glass! There are a lot of products said to help, but this easy cleaning hack only requires some household essentials. By using what you have around the house (vinegar, baking soda, and some more essentials) you will stay bang on budget and not introduce any harmful chemicals into your house. 

cleaning hack for glass cook top

Tip & Image Credit: One Good Thing

Clean window screens

You can’t survive in the spring and summer without being able to keep your windows open. So, there had to be a hack that showed you how to make cleaning your window screens simpler. You may want to remove them for a deeper wash, but it’s not necessary as you can take a damp microfiber cloth and rub it in a side to side motion from top to bottom. This not only takes away the dust but any pollen and allergens that may accumulate. 

cleaning hacks for the home

Tip & Image Credit: Frugally Blonde

Remove Hard Water Stains

Depending on where you live you’ll notice that the hardness of the water can affect more than just your shower or bathtub. From your hair to your clothes – hard water can be quite a pain. Another thing that is affected by hard water can be your toilet. I know, talking about the toilet isn’t pleasant. The truth is, even if you are cleaning your toilet in a traditional way you can still get these hideous hard water stains, especially if your toilet isn’t used that often. By using a pumice stone (they sell them with handles too) you can scrub the hard water stains away. Don’t worry, your toilet won’t be scratched in the process, but it will be sparkling clean!

pumice stone cleaning hack

Tip & Image Credit: Bitz & Giggles

Get Clean Baseboards

Getting clean baseboards doesn’t have to entail getting on your hands and knees. This simple hack only requires your broom, a rubber band to tie a microfiber cloth around it, and some furniture dust spray. Take Pledge, or your favorite spray and spray a bit on the cloth. This helps the dust adhere to the cloth and less dust to settle on the baseboards. 

Clean Burnt Pans

Gone are the days of having to chuck out your burnt pots and pans. This Apartment Therapy hack teaches you how a little vinegar and some baking soda can go a long way to getting them as good as new. Click through to see the hack as there’s a bit of a science behind the chemical reaction, so make sure you read the directions first. 

Tip & Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

There you have it! We hope that these cleaning hacks for the home have given you some great ideas for all of your house. 

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