Free Printable Party Planner

Have you ever found yourself planning a party and you have lists upon list all over the place? That is me this week! My husband's birthday is coming up and we are having his birthday party later this week. I have so much to do! While preparing for the party I have made so many lists of things to do ... READ the POST

How To Organize Your Shoes

We organize shoes in two different areas in our house. We keep the shoes we wear most often in a decorative crate right next to our front door. My husband is an Xray tech so he wears the same shoes almost daily and I have my favorite pair of flats that I wear most days too. So we keep those shoes ... READ the POST

How To Organize Your Closet

Has your master bedroom closet seen better days? I know from time to time, my bedroom closet gets very cluttered and unorganized! Mostly because I share it with my husband ;) Today we are going to talk about clothes and then shoe storage tomorrow. There are so many ways you can organize your closet. ... READ the POST


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