12 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

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Most of us spend a ton of time in the bathroom, which can quickly lead to it being cluttered and disorganized! Our bathrooms store so many things! Between the toiletries, makeup, hair products and accessories, towels and toilet paper, where are you supposed to put it all? What is the best way to organize it?

We have an answer for you!

We have found some of the best (and prettiest) ways to organize your bathroom! By the time you are finished, your bathroom will look like it has been organized by a professional!

Here are 12 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom!

Plastic Bins Under the Sink

Whether your vanity is open or closed, plastic bins are a great way to store toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc! If you do have an open vanity, you could make your space look even more professionally organized these pretty bins or baskets!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Store Curling Irons & Straighteners in a Magazine Holder

Did you know magazine holders can be used for more than just storing magazines? Using a pretty magazine holder that matches your bathroom is a great way to store your hair styling tools! Plus they are super cheap! Check out this one from Amazon!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom


Put A Shelf Over The Door For Extra Storage

This is such a brilliant idea. If your bathroom is lacking storage space, add a shelf over the bathroom door. You can store extra towels and toilet paper on it!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Life As Mama

Use a Mesh Shower Organizer for Extra Storage

Is your shower lacking shelf space or storage? You can use a mesh shower organizer to hold extra shampoos, soap, hair brushes, etc!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Coco 29


Mount Towel Holders To The Back of The Door

You can mount a towel bar on the back of your bathroom door for extra towel storage and to add a touch of decor to your bathroom. It is a great idea to gain extra storage!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom


Mount Shelves for Extra Storage

Adding small shelves next to your vanity is a great way to add extra storage and to organize your makeup and accessories. These little shelves can hold your makeup brushes, lotions, decorations, etc.

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Graceful Order

Mount Shower Caddy’s to Your Vanity Door

This is such a neat idea! You can mount shower caddy’s to your bathroom door for extra storage. Organize your contacts, small accessories, toothbrushes, makeup, etc. There are so many things you could store here and gives extra space to organize your bathroom! These come with suction cups but you could hang them up with command strips or use small screws.

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Polished Habitat

Store Nail Polish In A Candy Jar

Do you have a ton of nail polish you would love to put on display? You can organize it in a candy jar on your vanity or shelf in your bathroom. This is so colorful and pretty. It is a great way to organize your nail polish and add a touch of decor.

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Her Campus

Use Dollar Store Organizers in Your Drawers

If your bathroom drawers are a mess this is a great way to organize them! You can get different size bins from the Dollars Store and arrange them in your bathroom drawers. It is a great way to keep your drawers protected and clean from spills and dirt! Plus you will look like an organizing professional!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

The Summery Umbrella

Use a Towel Holder/Wine Rack To Display Towels

Who would have ever thought a wine rack could double as a towel holder, right? But this is such a great idea! This will work whether you are lacking storage space in your vanity or linen closet for towels, or you just want to show them off! You can find one here!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom


Magazine Rack to Organize Washcloths

Washcloths tend to get lost in our linen closets. They are so small that it is easy for them to get stuck to other towels or pushed to the back. Rolling them up and organizing them in a magazine rack is a great idea! Rolling them makes them smaller so you can store more and when you keep them in a magazine holder they will always be in one place!

Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Bathroom


There you have it. Do you have any great ideas to organize your bathroom? Share below!

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    • Lindsay Lawless says

      Thank you! They are really great ideas! The towel rack is one of my favorites too! We use one just like that in our camper. I think we all need a little extra storage in our bathrooms!

  1. Derek Hines says

    The dollar store organizers are the way to go! You can spend a lot of money on fancy drawer organizers that no one but you will see. I like the idea of buying cheap bins that organize my stuff. Thanks for the tip!

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