Decluttering Your Phone

Your phone probably isn't something you think about organizing but you definitely should! We use our phone constantly so it is really important to keep it organized. There are many ways you can organize your phone. I use an iPhone and I'm sure a lot of you do too, so we are going to be talking ... READ the POST

How To Use a Command Center

Command centers are perfect to keep you and your whole family organized. Within a family, you all have different lives and busy schedules. A command center is a perfect way to bring all your daily family information together and organized. For our command center, we keep the information on it ... READ the POST

Organizing Paper Clutter

Paper clutter can very quickly pile up on you if you do not tackle it head on as soon as you get it. To try and combat paper clutter in our home, I try to go paperless with almost everything that I can. This means all our bills come to my email and we have our monthly payments automatically drafted. ... READ the POST

Organizing Your Desk

Today is a little bit different than the rest of the challenge, and that is because I don't have an office/desk in my home. But I know a lot of you may have one and I didn't want to skip it. So instead I am going to show you what I would do if I had a desk in our house.   With most ... READ the POST

Hall Closet Organization

My hall closet it the catch all for everything I don't have room for elsewhere. That's what hall closets are for right? But for a very very long time, this hall closet was a complete disaster. Everything was just shoved in it with no organization at all. But a while back I came across these plastic ... READ the POST


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