Organizing the Refrigerator

Organizing the refrigerator and freezer is something that I have to do on a weekly basis because we buy food weekly! I'm guessing it is something that you have to do weekly too! Let's start with the refrigerator! Refrigerator Organization   This photo was taken after I completed ... READ the POST

Junk Drawer Organization Tips

Okay, let's be real. EVERYONE has a junk drawer, no matter how organized you are. It's kind of like a normal part of life. But for the most part, junk drawers can be a real frustration. For one, having a junk drawer gives you an excuse to be disorganized and keep clutter. You never want to give ... READ the POST

Organizing Kitchen Utensils

There are a ton of different ways you can organize kitchen utensils! In a utensil holder crock, in a drawer, with a drawer organizer, etc! But I have found that most people organize their utensils in a drawer and that is how I do it too! I use the largest drawer in my kitchen to store our kitchen ... READ the POST

Organizing Spices

Organizing Spices can be tricky. It has been something we have always struggled with in my home. We keep spices in the small cabinet over our microwave. For a long time, I was just putting the spices in the cabinet and tried to keep the ones we used the most towards the front. However, after a few ... READ the POST


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