Laundry Room Organization

The laundry room can easily become the most unorganized and dirty rooms in our homes. Why? Because we use them all the time! Dirty clothes in and out. Dust balls coming from the dryer, and drops of laundry detergent all over our shelves and appliances. Plus laundry is not an easy task! I think most ... READ the POST

Dining Room Declutter

In most American homes, we have an eat-in kitchen, as well as a dining room. And typically, none of us actually use the dining room for its intended purpose, except maybe for holidays. And then the rest of the year, our dining room tables hold our clutter and things we don't want to deal with until ... READ the POST

Living Room Storage Solutions

Your living room is typically your most lived in space in your home. And for that reason, you of course want to keep it clean and organized, right? But sometimes it hard to store other things in your living room and keep them organized, but also out of site. If you store things in your living ... READ the POST

Organizing End Tables

Depending on what kind of end tables you have in your living room, you may or may not have a lot of room for storage. Our end tables are nothing special. Actually, they are really old, chipped, and missing the screw hole covers. I could really use some new ones. But the most important part about our ... READ the POST


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