How To Organize Your Closet

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Has your master bedroom closet seen better days? I know from time to time, my bedroom closet gets very cluttered and unorganized! Mostly because I share it with my husband 😉 Today we are going to talk about clothes and then shoe storage tomorrow. There are so many ways you can organize your closet. You can organize it by colors, clothing type, or most worn.

I think the way you organize your closet depends on how your closet is laid out. For instance, in my last house, I had a walk-in closet. In that closet, I would organize my clothes by type. So dresses were grouped together, sweaters together, pants together, etc. However, in my current house, our closet is very long, but it is hard to access clothes in the back of the closet. So instead, now we keep our clothes organized by most used.

The clothes in the back of my closet I almost never wear. But the clothes in the front of my closet I wear on a daily basis. Keeping the clothes we use the most often at the very front of the closet makes it easy to grab what we need and go. It also makes it easy to put clothing away because we are not having to squeeze into the back of our closet.

How To Organize Your Shared Closet

Then on the top shelf of our closet, we have three large cube organizers. One of them holds old t-shirts that my husband doesn’t wear but doesn’t want to get rid of. He’s the hoarder in the family. 😉 In another basket, we store winter socks, hats and gloves. And then in the last basket we store swim suits.

Okay, you’ve seen my closet! Now it’s your turn!

Steps For You To Take:

Now it’s time for you to decide what organization system will work best for you and your closet. Is your closet like mine, where it is hard to get to the back of it? Or do you have a walk-in closet where you could easily section off your clothes?

Do you struggle to hang your clothes up and put them away? If so, it would work better for you to group your clothes together by most worn.

Or do you struggle to find clothes when they are all grouped together? If so, try organizing them by color or by clothing type.

Or maybe your system you have now is working really well for you and you just need to declutter. Whatever your situation, continue below to get your closet organized!


  1. Remove all the clothes from your closet and put them on your bed.
  2. One by one go through your clothes and decide whether you want to keep them or toss them.
  3. I start with one large pile. Then I sort my clothes into piles of: Love & Always Wear, Sometimes Wear, Never wear – got to go.
  4. Once you have your love to wear pile, go through your sometimes wear pile once more. Is there anything you are holding onto but should really probably get rid of?
  5. Decide on what to keep and then bag up your Got To Go Pile.


  1. Now is a good time to remove any trash that is in your closet. This could be things like old shoe boxes, shopping bags, etc.
  2. Then vacuum out your closet.


  1. Start putting your clothes back in your closet based on the way you want to organize! (most worn first, organized by color, like items together)

If you need more storage space in your closet, these organizers will help!

Continue to day 13!

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