How To Clean Your Sink Like A Pro

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Have you ever started to do dishes and realized your kitchen sink was dirtier than the dishes you were about to wash? Yikes! This is what my kitchen sink looked like earlier today. It was not a pretty sight! There was food stuck to the walls, rust stains and it smelled terrible. It was definitely in need of a really good cleaning! So I thought I would show you this quick and easy way to make your sink sparkle and clean it like a pro!

How To Clean Your Sink Like A ProfessionalStep 1: Get rid of the smell

First things first, you need to get rid of any odors your sink is putting off. Start by taking baking soda and pouring it in the drain. Next pour white vinegar down the drain and letting it bubble up. This will clean out your drain pipe and clear out and food particles that are stuck on. You may have to pour vinegar a few times before all the baking soda dissolves.

How To Clean Your Sink Like A ProfessionalStep 2: Coat The Sink In Soft Scrub

My absolute favorite cleaner for the sink is Soft Scrub. It is gentle on the stainless steel and it works really well. It removes hardened on food and rust or water stains. Start by squeezing a line of Soft Scrub around the top of your sink bowl. It will start to run down towards the bottom of the bowl.

How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional Step 3: Start Scrubbing

Using a regular dish sponge start to rub the soft scrub around the sink. Go in circular motions and don’t be afraid to put some force behind it. Also, pay attention to where your stains are and give them extra attention. I like to start on the walls and move my way towards to bottom of the bowl. Finally get down into where the bowl meets the drain.

Once you have scrubbed the whole sink bowl turn on hot water and start to rinse the soft scrub off the sink. Make sure to start on the opposite side of your sponge or take it out (you are going to need it again.) As the soft scrub starts to disappear you may find that there are still rust stains you missed. Give them another quick scrub and they should come right off.

Finally, grab a clean wash cloth or rag and soak it with hot water. Using the wash cloth, wipe the soft scrub off the top of the sink around your soap dispenser and faucet. You may need to rinse your wash cloth a few times.

Wash the sink out one more time with hot water and it should be sparkling like new!

How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional

Step 4: The Faucet

So your sink may be clean now but what about the nasty grime built up around the faucet? How do you clean that? It is a whole lot easier than you think! How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional

Step 5: The Magic All Natural Cleaner

Take a 2-3 dry paper towels and wrap them around the base of your faucet. Once it is completely covered pour vinegar on the paper towel until it is soaked and covering where the dirt and grime is around your faucet. Let it sit like this for 5-10 minutes.

How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional

Step 6: Wipe Clean

Once you have let the vinegar sit on the faucet for 5-10 minutes you can start to wipe the faucet clean. Taking your paper towel with vinegar, rub the dirt and grime away. It should come right off but for tough stains you may have to wrap a butter knife in the paper towel and use a little force. There was a place I had to do this. Just be careful to make sure your knife is not exposed and you are not scratching the sink. Once all the grime is gone, take a dry towel and wipe your whole sink dry!

How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional

The Final Product

As you can see below my sink is sparkling and it took me less than 10 minutes to go from a nasty dirty sink to a sink that looks brand new!

How To Clean Your Sink Like A Professional

I hope you found this helpful! Comment below and let me know if you got your sink to sparkle!


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