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10 Household Items You’re Forgetting To Replace

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You remember to replace the trash bags and light bulbs but what else are you forgetting about around your home that needs to be replaced?  Here are 10 household items that you need to replace. Some of these items you may not even realize ever need to be replaced! This is a great guide to keep up with everything around your home that needs to be replaced and how often.

Here Is Our List Of Household Items You Need To Replace

Air Filters

Have you looked at your air vents recently and noticed they are really dusty? Guess what that means! You need to change your air filters. I know it is so easy to forget that we need to change our air filters regularly. And to be honest who wants to climb up in our attic and replace a filter, right? But changing your air filter regularly is really important! Manufacturers recommend changing your air filter every six weeks. Air filters quickly accumulate dust and dirt. To avoid causing your family harm or risk allergies change your air filters often! We like to set up our air filters to be automatically delivered so there is no chance of us forgetting to replace them. You can set yourself up a subscription for air filters through Amazon Subscribe and Save! Plus you save up to 15%!

Kitchen Sponges

Is your kitchen sink starting to stink? You can almost bet it is coming from your sponge! Kitchen sponges need to be replaced at least every month if not sooner. It really depends on your use. Rinse them off and wring them out after every use. The best way to let your sponge dry is in a sponge holder that lets it the water drip and air dry. We really like this one! 

Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detectors cannot warn you of a fire if the batteries are not properly working. And sometimes smoke detectors don’t warn you that the batteries have gone dead. Make sure to test your smoke detector once every 4-6 weeks to make sure they are working! Better safe than sorry! Oh and while you are checking the batteries double check the expiration date! Smoke detectors expire every 10 years. It may be time to install a new one!

Keurig Filter

When was the last time you replaced your Keurig filter? maybe never? It is really easy to ignore changing your Keurig filter but if you use your Keurig often then you need to replace the filter often! Keurig recommends changing it every two months. You can grab a 12 pack of filters from Amazon for less than $10 bucks. That will last you two years!

Refrigerator Water Filter

Do you ignore that light on your refrigerator telling you to change the filter? I may have done this before too hehe. But manufacturers don’t build this feature into your refrigerator just to cost you more money. Replacing the water filters is really important for the health of your refrigerator as well as your physical health. You want your water to be clean and you want your refrigerator to last as long as possible, right? It is more expensive to replace the fridge than the water filter!


Are you sleeping on the same pillows you were 5 years ago? Most of us don’t think about it but pillows should be replaced every two years! Overtime pillows take in allergens and are no longer safe to use. If your pillows are not ready to be replaced, make sure to wash them every 2-3 months.


If you use a loofah to wash your body, chances are it needs to be replaced! Loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold. Replace them every month and if possible let it dry outside the shower in the cool air. The warmth of the shower accelerates the growth of bacteria in a loofah and will cause you harm if not handled properly. Also, make sure to rinse all the soap from the loofah after every use.

Surge Protectors

This came as a total surprise to me so you might be surprised too! Surge protectors have an expiration date! Surge protectors are designed to absorb electric surges and protect your devices. But they can only absorb so many surges before they stop working. If you have had your surge protectors for a while then it is time to invest in some new ones! They are relatively cheap and worth the price of protecting your devices! Check out this one we recommend! It turns off the power to your devices when not in use, saving you money!

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Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes are used to clean a bowl full of nasty bacteria, so you want to replace the toilet brush often. Every 3 months is recommended. Plus they are relatively cheap and you can even find them at the Dollar Store. In the meantime, after each use, fill the brush holder with Pinesol to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and your toilet brush clean.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are easy to forget about replacing because we never use them, right? Hopefully, you have never used it anyways! Fire extinguishers only last 10-15 years. Make sure you frequently check the gauge to ensure the needle is in the green. If it is then it will still be able to work properly if there is a fire. If not you need to toss it and get a new one. 

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher you need one now! Grab one here and store it under your kitchen sink. I also recommend having one for your laundry room and one to keep close to your grill outside.

So what were you forgetting to replace? Comment below and let us know! 

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