12 Easy Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

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12 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

I have to admit, I am not the most savvy person when it comes to saving money around the home. I typically walk out of our bedroom and leave the closet light on, only to come back a few hours later and realize I am wasting electricity. Whoops.

But once I started to get our finances and budget in order I realized I had to make a change. We were spending $150 – $200 a month on just our electric bill. I guiltily looked at those numbers and realized that part of my huge electric bill contributed to me being lazy.

So, I set out on a mission to drastically cut my electric bill and start saving money, but the easy way. There was no way my husband was going to let me cut the cord on cable or stop using the dishwasher so we had to find simple and easy ways to stop using so much power.

After some research and experimenting, I found 12 Easy Ways to Save Money Your Electric Bill!

Install Socket Sealers

I had never heard of socket sealers until I started doing some research but it makes perfect sense that these things work so well. Basically, it is a seal that goes between your electric socket and your socket cover.

You would be surprised how drafty sockets can be and how much warm or cold air you lose in them. Socket Sealers on cost a few bucks and take just a few minutes to install! It is basically a no-brainer, you need them!

Use A Power Strip

Did you know that everything you have plugged in still draws power even if it is turned off? That means the stand mixer you have plugged in but rarely use is costing you money! Or the DVD player that you only use a couple times a month! All of these appliances and electronics you have plugged in around your home are sucking power and costing you money.

Unplugging these items is the easiest way to keep these items from using power, but sometimes it is a hassle to get to the plug you need. A simple and easy solution to this is using a Smart Power Strip. A Smart Power Strip is different from a regular Power Strip. This smart power strip turns off the power to selected devices when not in use. It is great for entertainment centers and computer workspaces!

Around the rest of your home, you can use a regular power strip! I like to have my bedside lamp and cell phone charger plugged into a regular power strip. When I wake up in the morning I just turn off the power strip so that my lamp and charger are not using power throughout the day when not in use!

Use Draft Blockers

Remember those long bean bag tubes your granny used to lay in front of her doors and windows? Well, it turns out those actually have an awesome purpose and you don’t need to be a granny to use them! They are called draft blockers and they block drafts underneath doors or in window seals. You Can Find Them Here!

Change Your Air Filters

I know it is hard to justify changing your air filters often since they are so pricey, but it actually saves money on your heating and air bill! When your air filter is dirty your A/C unit has to work harder. That means it uses more power and raises your electricity bill. That is not what we want!

But what if I told you that you can save up to 15% on your air filters and have them delivered directly to your door! Amazon has this AMAZING subscribe and save program! If you have 5 items delivered every month you can save 15%! That means if you sign up and have a 6 pack of air filters delivered every 6 months you will save 15% everytime you order!

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Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

We used to have regular lightbulbs in our home and I knew they were energy suckers. When we finally decided to do something about it and switch out our lightbulbs for energy efficient bulbs we used these lightbulbs. I honestly don’t remember the last time I changed a lightbulb since we installed these bulbs.

Energy efficient light bulbs are brighter than regular light bulbs plus they last longer! It’s a win-win!

To save money we didn’t replace all of our bulbs at one time. As one went out we would replace it. Or in our light bars when one went out we would replace them all so they would match. No reason to spend a bunch of money to switch over. Just changing a few bulbs at a time will still save you money on your electric bill!

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Do you leave your A/C running during the day so you can come home to a cold house? Letting your A/C or heat run all day can cost you a ton of money! Instead, have a programmable thermostat installed. You can set your thermostat to dial itself up or down at a certain time of the day.

We like to set our thermostat to go down 6-8 degrees when we leave and then come back up to our desired temperature 30 minutes before we return home. We have this thermostat installed in our home and love it! 

Use Smaller Appliances

Keep your oven off and use a toaster oven or a crock pot instead! Both of these are much more energy efficient and will save you a ton of money in the long run!

Hang Your Clothes To Dry

While hanging up your clothes makes laundry a little more time consuming, chances are you are probably already hanging up a least some delicate. So why not hang up the pants and t-shirts you are throwing in the dryer and save a little more energy?

You can make hanging your clothes to dry even easier by using a retractable clothes drying rack. Just hang it your wall and hang your individual items when needed! When you are not drying clothes it can easily be stored away!

Use Fans Instead Of The A/C

Cooling your home in the summer is expensive! On days that are not so humid us your ceiling fan to cool your home or a portable fan! Using a fan cost much less than running our air conditioner. You will be saving a ton on your electric bill!

Dress For The Weather

Are you the type that likes to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the winter but has your heat cranked up to 74? (<<That’s me!) This is a bad habit and is leading to higher electric bills!

Just by wearing sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt instead of shorts you will stay warmer and would be comfortable with the thermostat turned down.

Wash Clothes In Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water and a full load will save you so much money! You won’t have to worry about how much it is going to cost to fill our hot water tank back up and to heat it! I like to was a full load of clothes in cold water and a short cycle for maximum savings!

Seal Your Windows

A ton of heat goes out your windows. If you have cracks around the edges, money is flying right out the window. By caulking around the edges and making sure they have a good seal you can save a decent amount on your electric bill!

By implementing these easy steps you can start saving a ton of money on your electric bill! Do you have any other tips to save money on your electric bill or other utilities? Comment below and let me know!


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