5 Things You Need To Make Doing Dishes Easier!

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Hate doing dishes? Me too! It is the worse chore ever! Unfortunately, we can’t avoid doing dishes but we can make doing dishes easier! These Amazon finds are a must have!

Check out these 5 Things You Need To Make Doing Dishes Easier!

Cutlery Cleaner

Have you ever struggled to get food particles off of your forks? It is just so hard to get a regular sponge between the fork prongs. But with this cutlery cleaner brush, getting hard to reach areas on a fork is a breeze! It will make washing your silverware so much easier and safer! You can clean knives in the cutlery brush too!

Make Doing Dishes EasierGrab Yours here!

Glassware & Dish Cleaning Sponge

Ever tried to clean a narrow glass and couldn’t completely clean the glass? It is a frustrating problem! This glassware sponge will solve all your problems! We use it every day to wash our drinking glasses and baby bottles! It works so well and never leaves behind any residue! You need to try it out! 

Make Doing Dishes Easier

Grab Yours Here! 


Straw Cleaner

If you ever try and wash baby bottle or straws then you need these cleaning brushes! They come in multiple sizes so that you can clean almost anything with them! We use them when washing our baby bottle parts, tumbler straws, and water bottle parts! They are so handy to have when you are trying to wash small, hard to reach areas! Plus they are super cheap! Grab a set here! 

Make Doing Dishes Easier

Sink Caddy

Having a sink caddy is a must when you hand wash dishes. If you don’t have one and you are leaving your sponge or washcloth in the bottom of the sink to dry, it can cause bacteria and odors. Let your sponge and washcloth hang dry and drip into the sink with this sink caddy. Your sponges will last longer and will be cleaner! You can get one here! 

Make Doing Dishes Easier

Pasta Pot

There is nothing worse than having to use multiple dishes to make one meal! Make your life easier with this Pasta Pot. It is a genius invention! The water from the pasta can be drained without transferring to a different dish, saving time and dishes to wash! I love this pot and use it all the time! This will be  your favorite pot and you can get it for less than $30 dollars! You can find it in multiple colors here!  

Make Doing Dishes Easier

What do you love to do the dishes with? Comment below and let us know!

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