8 Ways To Organize The Freezer and Save Your Sanity

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When was the last time you organized your freezer? Has it been a while? Have you ever even taken the time to organize it or have you given up and deemed it a lost cause because of so much food and so little space? Well, guess what!?  You can have an organized freezer with a little bit of creativity and maybe a few storage bins. Check out these brilliant ideas to organize the freezer!

Use Baskets and Bins To Store Food

Do you make soup and freeze it for later? Next time you make a batch, lay it flat to freeze and then once frozen, stand it up and store it in a labelled basket. You can use baskets to stack and organize all of your frozen food.

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: Better Homes & Garden

Add Bins To Your Deep Freezer

Deep Freezers are great until your food gets buried, never to be seen again. To keep your deep freezer better organized so you never lose a bag of frozen veggies again, use storage bins. These bins are from the Dollar Store and you may be able to find them at your local store.

However, I also recommend these freezer baskets, made specifically to fit in deep freezers.

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: Practically Functional

Ditch The Boxes

Do you feel like you cannot cram another thing into your freezer because there are so many boxes of food? Well, who says you have to keep food in boxes? Ditch the boxes and store your food in freezer bags. It saves you so much space and will make your food last so much longer.

This post will show you how to ditch the boxes and gain more room in your freezer!

How To Maximize Your Freezer Space

Tip & Image Credit: Organization Obsessed

Use Containers For Small Items

If you like to store smaller, single serve snacks in your freezer like berries or nuts, store them in small plastic containers. Then add a magnet to them and align them on the freezer wall. Doing this will give you extra storage space and keep your freezer organized!


How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: Tater Tots And Jello

Label Your Bins

If you are already using storage bins to keep your freezer organized, take an extra step to label them. When labeling your bins, it takes the guesswork out of what goes where. Then everyone in your family can easily find and put away food.

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Keep Freezer Inventory

Do you ever wonder what you have in the freezer but don’t have time to rummage through it? Instead of never knowing what you have on hand, keep an inventory list on your fridge. You could simply use a dry erase marker and write on the fridge!

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: Mom Makes Dinner

Organize Your Freezer In Sections

To keep your freezer organized, create designated sections for each type of food. This will be very easy to do if you have a vertical freezer. Simply label each shelf with the designated item to be stored there. You could have one shelf for vegetables, one for fruits, one for frozen lunches and dinners, etc!

If your sections will never change, using a Cricut to cut vinyl is a my favorite way to make labels and organize. Or if your sections will constantly be changing, you could use a dry erase market to make your own sections!

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: Lemons Lavendar and Laundry

Use Bins To Organize Your Freezer

If you find that the contents of your freezer are always getting pushed around, cluttered and are very unorganized, then you need to use bins! Using storage bins are a great way to organize your food. Keep breakfast foods in one bin, popsicles in another, frozen vegetables in another, etc! These multipurpose bins from the container store are perfect to use in your freezer and come in multiple sizes!

How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip & Image Credit: I Heart Organizing 


How do you organize your freezer? Comment below and share your brilliant ideas!

8 Genius Ways To Organize Your Freezer


  1. LYNN TONE says

    I think your ideas are great and I got a lot of useful ones from your pictures. The only thing that bothered me was seeing a hand grenade in the freezer!!!! What’s up with that! That not something I you would normally see in there!

    • Lindsay Lawless says

      ?? It’s actually an ice mold lol. I have a gun loving husband who likes his ice to look like grenades ?‍♀️?‍♀️ And I totally should have noticed it before I posted the picture! Haha

  2. Kathryn Thorne says

    It’s a good idea to decant boxed food into bags. Along with cooking instructions, I write “use by” date on the bags. I also do this on any food that I bag up. Fresh meat and fish that I freeze is best used within 6 months. It’s easy to over look time passing, but by having “use by” written on the bags, it helps to enjoy food at its best.

  3. Jeanette says

    In my freezerbox I use bags we can buy in cheap stores. Bags made of the same material as the Ikea bags, with fabric handles. For meat I have one with red hendles, for fish the one with blue etc.
    When I need something it is easy to lift the bag out of the freezer to have what is in the bag underneith.

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