100 Items to Throw Away and Declutter Right Now

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100 Things To Throw Away Right Now

Is your home so filled with clutter that you don’t even know where to begin? Are your drawers busting at the seams and your closet cannot fit hold one more pair of jeans? I completely understand! I have been there before and feel like I am constantly fighting the clutter war.

Between kids toys and never ending junk mail, clutter can quickly creep up on you!

So what to do you do? Where do you begin to declutter your home? Start today and go room by room! Check off each item as you throw it away! Before you know it you will have tackled the clutter and started down a path towards a clean, clutter free home!

100 Things To Throw AWay Right Now!

  1. Old birthday cards
  2. Broken Toys
  3. DVD’s you never watch
  4. CD’s you don’t listen to
  5. Board games you no longer play
  6. Multiple sets of playing cards
  7. Books you never read
  8. Cookbook’s you’ve never used or no longer use
  9. Old Phonebooks
  10. Pens that have dried up
  11. Socks without a mate
  12. Shoes that are too small or old
  13. Old or damaged clothes
  14. Expired sunscreen
  15. Expired Medication
  16. Old vitamins
  17. Dried up nail polish
  18. Old Makeup Brushes
  19. Old lotions
  20. Old and worn out hairbrushes
  21. Perfumes you don’t like
  22. Old worn out towels
  23. Worn out bath mats
  24. Old toothbrushes
  25. Paperwork older than 7 years
  26. Excess notebooks
  27. Takeout menu’s you never order from
  28. Paper Manuals you can find online
  29. Old College or High School Papers
  30. Magazines you have read
  31. Old newspapers
  32. Artwork you have never framed
  33. Old receipts
  34. Placemats and napkins that never get used
  35. Old plastic food containers
  36. Excess cutlery
  37. Cups and mugs you never use
  38. Magnets on the fridge
  39. Storage containers with missing lids
  40. Unused flower vases
  41. Unused craft supplies
  42. Old ribbon and gift wrap
  43. Plastic bags
  44. Cardboard boxes
  45. Dried up paint
  46. Old rollers and paint brushes
  47. Old electronics – cell phones, tablets, gaming systems
  48. Cord and cables from old electronics
  49. Multiple phone chargers
  50. Baby gear your children have grown out of
  51. Wax warmer bars you don’t like
  52. Worn out sheets and bedding
  53. Old pillows
  54. Scarves you never wear
  55. Old prom dresses
  56. Purses you never carry
  57. Extra shoelaces
  58. Earrings that don’t have a match
  59. Broken hair ties
  60. Hair accessories and irons you don’t use
  61. Gifts you don’t like
  62. Old wallets
  63. Old sunglasses
  64. Posters you will never hang up again
  65. Old children’s artwork
  66. Broken phone cases
  67. Expired coupons and vouchers
  68. Old invitations and save the dates
  69. Old bank statements
  70. Business cards you don’t need
  71. Empty gift cards
  72. Unused stationary
  73. Old keys
  74. Used ink cartridges
  75. Old planners
  76. Old post-it notes
  77. Samples and travel toiletries
  78. Duplicate photos
  79. Dried flowers
  80. Little Knickknacks
  81. Multiples of cooking utensils
  82. scratched nonstick cookware
  83. Old or broken hangers
  84. Bills you already paid
  85. Empty bottle of cleaning products
  86. Children’s plates you no longer use
  87. Wedding favors
  88. Travel brochures
  89. Old Spices
  90. Old calendars
  91. Expired food
  92. Christmas lights that don’t work
  93. Old and outdated software
  94. Excess cleaning rags…you only need a few
  95. Tea light candles
  96. Old Sneakers
  97. Bobby Pins – no you do not need a package of 100.
  98. Plastic cutlery
  99. Old decorations
  100. Paychecks older than 2 years

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