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How To Make Discbound Planners & Notebooks

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When I was introduced to The Happy Planner, I fell in love with discbound binding. Not just for discbound planners, but discbound notebooks and binders as well. And soon after I became obsessed with learning how to make discbound planners and notebooks. I began creating my own printables for discbound planners and immediately started getting a ton of questions on how to make these planners. So to make it easy, I made this quick guide on how to make discbound planners and notebooks. 

Let’s Dive In! 

What Is A Discbound Planner?

The discbound system is basically a combination of a ring binder with a spiral-bound book to combine the best of both worlds. 

Discbound planners use disc to hold the pages together. These usually range anywhere from .5 inches to 2 inches in size. So you have a lot of options for how big you want your discbound planner to be. 

Then they usually have some kind of hard cover like a leather cover or laminated cover.  

And they have a special hole punched into the paper called an arc hole punch. 

This binding system creates a unique and customizable way for you to create planners, notebooks, binders, bullet journals, and more.

Supplies You Need To Make Your Own Discbound Planner

To get started making your own discbound planners, notebooks and binders you will need a few tools. Most of these tools are relatively inexpensive but it is a larger upfront cost than just a $5 dollar 3 ring binder. However, once you purchase these tools once, the possibilities of what you can make are endless. 

Here are the tools you will need!

Arc Punch

To punch holes in paper that will fit a discbound planner, you need what is called an arc punch or sometimes called a discbound punch. These hole punches will punch what looks like an arc into your paper.

I personally use the Mambi Big Punch and love it. You can find them at any planner supplies store like Hobby Lobby, Joann, or Michaels. But there are also arc hole punches available at office supply stores and Amazon.

Before you buy one, I would recommend deciding what system and accessories you will be using first. There may be slight differences in the depth of the hole punch in a MAMBI Punch Vs. a Tul punch. So if you plan to use Happy Planner disc, I would recommend the MAMBI punch. 

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Then to bind your pages together you will need discs. Happy Planner discs are my favorite because they come in multiple colors and sizes. However, I have also used Martha Steward discs and have been very happy! There are a lot of options for discs out there. Amazon is a great place to look as well as your local craft store. 

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Covers for discbound planners are probably the hardest part about making your own discbound planner. On Amazon, Tul & Talia have a few basic color options that we have linked below. However my usual go to for my discbound planners is to reuse old Happy Planner Notebook or Planner Covers. If there is a Happy Planner that you love, it is super easy to change out the pages inside of it with your own custom pages. 

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There are also some sellers on Etsy that create covers. You can check them out here! 

Discbound Notebooks

Another great way to create your own discbound planner, notebook or binder is to repurpose discbound notebooks. You can buy discbound notebooks in office supply stores, Amazon or from The Happy Planner. Most of these notebooks are filled with just ruled notebook paper. Then you can add your own pages within these notebooks to customize the discbound notebook for you. 

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Where to Get Printables For Your Discbound Planner or Notebook

There are a lot of places to get printables for your discbound planner! 

One of our favorite places of course is within our Paper Hearts Planner Co. Shop.  We sell super affordable printable planners and planner inserts for planners and come out with a new design each month! 

Here are a few of our favorite collections & inserts.

Fun Floral Collection 

Planner Inserts – Shop Here! 

Planner Inserts – Shop Here! 

But we are not the only place to find printables to put in your discbound planner. You can find a lot of printables on Etsy that you can print at home and add to your planner? 

Ways to Use a Discbound System

Discbound binding systems can be used for so many things besides just planners and notebooks.

Some of our favorite ways to use discbound systems are for our Meal Planner, Budget Binder, Household Management Binder, and Student Planners! 

Why Choose a Discbound Planner vs Other Binding Systems

So why should you choose to use a discbound system verse other binding systems? Simply because they are so customizable! 

With just a few tools and some paper, you can create almost any kind of planner or notebook with the discbound system. The possibilities of what you can add to them are endless! 

Things to consider before starting your own discbound planner

Before you jump into creating your own discbound planning system, we encourage you to think about a few things first. 

1.What size planner or notebook do you want? 

Discbound covers, planners, and paper usually come in about 3 sizes. 

Letter or Big – These usually fit 8.5″ x 11″ paper. 

Classic or personal – These fit paper size around 7′ x 9″. 

Mini – These are usually A5 size or smaller. 

Before searching for accessories and things to buy for your discbound planner, decide what size you want first to be sure everything will fit correctly. 

2. Do you want to start from scratch? 

If you are a beginner, starting from scratch may feel difficult. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we recommend buying a pre-bound discbound planner or notebook and adding your own pages to it. The Happy Planner Collection is a great place to start because their designs are so cute! And our printables are designed to fit perfectly within their Big or Classic Planners. 

The discbound system truly gives you a way to customize your planners, notebooks, and binders exactly the way you want! We truly couldn’t recommend the discbound planning system more! But if you have more questions about how to make disbound planners and notebooks, we’d love to hear from you! 

Ask questions here! 





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