Month: December 2017

11 Hacks To Keep Your Shower Doors Clean

Isn’t it crazy how quickly our showers doors can get dirty! Soap scum and water stains build up so quickly that it is hard to keep up with! Have you been wondering how you can keep your shower doors cleaner for longer? Check out these 11 hacks to keep your […]

30 Clever Ways to Organize With Magazine Holders

Who would have ever thought you could use a magazine holder for anything other than magazines? But to our surprise, there are so many ways to use magazine holders to organize your home! Seriously! Pantry storage, toiletry storage, hiding your wireless router…even organizing your freezer. The things you can do […]

12 Creative Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

When my husband and I remodeled our new home I couldn’t wait to organize it! It was the best part of moving into a new home. Everything had its own new place! The kitchen was where most of my time was spent organizing. Cups went in one cabinet, plates in […]

10 Things to stop buying to save money.

10 Things I Quit Buying To Save Money

This post may contain affiliate links. Are you living pay check to pay check? It seemed like every month that was exactly what I was doing. No matter what I did, it seemed like my husband and I never had any money. Where was it all going? I really couldn’t […]

Free Reusable Printable Calendar! Perfect for your planner!

Free Reusable Calendar

This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Are you ready for the New Year?  Me too! I have so many new ideas I want to focus on in 2018. I am really hoping to become more organized. That is really one of the reasons I started this blog. I figured if […]