How To Clean Baby & Kids’ Toys

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How Do I Clean Baby Toys? 

This was the question I was asking when I first had my baby and I am sure a lot of you are asking too!

Toys can get dirty and just plain icky pretty quickly in the hands of messy babies and toddlers. They need to be cleaned often but when you have so many toys it can be overwhelming to try and clean each and every one.

So what is the most effective way to clean all of your kids’ toys?

Here are cleaning instructions for almost all of your children’s toys!



Plastic, Rubber or Silicone Toys

With Batteries

Obviously, toys like these cannot be soaked in water. So to clean these types of toys, first, take out the batteries or unplug the toy. Then, dip a cleaning cloth into soapy water and wash the exterior of the toy. Be careful around any battery boxes or speakers. Also, be cautious about getting any stickers wet. I can discolor them.

Next, to sanitize the toy, mix a ratio of 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol. Saturate a clean cloth in the mixture and wring out any excess. Wipe over the toy one last time.

Without Batteries

Right now you are going to wish all of your kids’ toys were hard plastic toys because they are the EASIEST to clean!

Toys like legos, building blocks, and rattles can be placed in your dishwasher! If you are worried about small toys moving around you can place them in a laundry bag to keep them all together. Place the toys in the top rack of your dishwasher and run a water-only sanitizing cycle. Once the cycle has run, make sure all of the toys are not holding any pools of water. Dry off with a clean cloth if needed. Easy, right?

Plush Toys

Washing Machine

Most plush toys come with a label regarding how to clean them and that should be taken into consideration with each plush toy you plan to clean. Some you may need to hand wash but some toys you can put in the washer. (Yay for making our lives easier, right?)

To wash your kids plush toys, start by placing them all in a laundry bag. This will keep any small toys from getting lost in the washer. You can use regular detergent or safe for baby, dye free detergent like Dreft.  I recommend washing them on a delicate wash setting with cold water just for extra protection. If you have a high-efficiency washer you will have no problems but keep in mind that if your washer has an agitator, it could damage the toys.

Not every toy can be put in a washing machine due to the design of the toy.

What Toys Can’t Be Put In The Washing Machine? 

  • Toys that are old and fragile
  • Toys with a music box
  • Toys with delicate items like outfits or accessories
  • Toys that have glued on items like sequins, ribbons, glued on eyes, etc.
  • Toys stuffed with foam balls or beads

Drying Options

You have a few options.

  1. You can keep the toys in the laundry bag and just throw them in the dryer and call it a day (easy peasy!)
  2. Remove the stuffed animals and let them hang dry. (you may need to throw them in the dryer for a moment once they are dry to fluff out their fur.

Hand Wash

For toys that have to be hand washed only, simply fill up your sink with clean warm water and mild detergent. Immerse a clean cloth into the soap and water mixture and then scrub the mixture into the toy. Rinse your cleaning cloth and then begin to remove the soap mixture from the toy. Once all the soap is removed hang up the toy and let it air dry!

Wooden Toys

Wood toys don’t need to be cleaned too often, but if they are in need of a good wipe down, soak a cloth in white vinegar and wipe down each toy. Vinegar will clean and disinfect your kids’ toys, making them ready for them to use again. And don’t worry about the terrible vinegar smell! It will dissipate in a few minutes!

Dolls With Hair

Has your little girls Barbie had better hair days? They can get pretty ratty and tangled. But guess what! Their favorite Barbie can be brought back to life with a new hairdo!

Here’s what you do:

Shampoo the doll’s hair using a couple drops of dish soap. Massage the soap into the hair and then rinse with cool water. Comb out any knots.

Next, clean the doll’s body. Wash with dish soap for a quick cleanse. To remove marks and stains, create a tiny amount of past with oil and baking soda. With a cotton ball, apply the paste to the stains and rub in a circular motion. Once the stain is removed, rinse off the doll and lay flat to dry!

It is so important to frequently clean your kid’s toys. They can hold germs causing viruses and none of us want that!

Do you have any tips on how you clean your kids’ toys? Comment below!

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