Meet Lindsay!


Hi There!

I am so happy you have come across my blog! 

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Lindsay and I am a wife to an amazing husband and a Mommy to a sweet little boy. I am from Ohio (Go Bucks!) and currently work in the insurance industry. 

I have a bit of an obsession and knack for organizing, cleaning and decorating my home (hence the blog name.) I thrive from a clean home and truly believe that having a clean home can give Moms a clearer mind and less stress. 

But that doesn’t mean my home is always clean. While I am an organized person, I struggle to keep up with organizing and cleaning on a daily basis. Being a Mom is hard and keeping up with work, kids, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc is almost impossible! While I am trying to figure out how to juggle all the daily tasks and chores to keep up with, I want to share tips to help you manage your home in the easiest and most efficient way! 

So Why Blogging?

Once I had my little boy my world was turned upside down and my mindset on life completely flipped. While I love my job I long to be able to have more time with my baby. They’re only little once, right? 

So I created my blog to “one day” make it a full-time income! Fingers crossed and prayers going up that this happens soon! 

What I Write About

When this blog started in November 2017 it had a completely different name and a different niche. I was sure because I was a Mom that I wanted to blog about being a Mom. But I found out pretty quickly that talking about it wasn’t really what interested me. So I went back to my roots and focused on what I’ve loved my whole life – being organized. 

What I quickly learned when I dove into the blogging world was that blogging is not about writing for yourself. It’s about writing for other people. Having a success with a blog will only happen when you are blogging to help people. So while I knew I wanted to write my own post about organizing and share my own tips, I also wanted to share other bloggers amazing content.

Blogging is a community where everyone helps each other and my goal with Organization Obsessed is to help get other bloggers content out to the world. So while you’ll find my own content here, you’ll also find curated post that bring attention to amazing things I have found. 

So I warmly welcome you to my blog and hope that you find entertainment in what I have found for you! 

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I would love to hear from you! Comment on my post and share any tips or tricks to you have to keep your home organized and clean!